New Beginnings

Back in the 90's, I managed to get a game published through a small independent game studio. It was an exciting time. I was holding down a burgeoning business IT career by day and developing games by night. I've always been fascinated and inspired by 3D games. The challenge and magic of seeing your countless lines of assembler/machine code program (the only way to get the performance back then)  become this 3D simulated world is something that has never left me in all those years since. Of course, all hail "Moore's Law", as resorting to such low-level coding is now a thing of the past for game dev! At the time, the game was a critical success across the then Atari ST home computer market. But I had a choice to make back then. I was just starting a new family and life was getting complicated. Despite offers from the publisher and (I recall) Atari themselves. I decided to focus on my daytime IT career and push game development firmly into the hobby space.

So, what's happening now? 

That family I started has all grown up. 
My Business IT career is a real success. 
I've started countless games and NEVER finished them!

I need a change!
So here we go people. I'm about to embark on The New Beginning. I've always been a bit of a polymath when it comes to projects. Hungry for experience and learning, getting the opportunity to try and excel in different fields is addictive to me. Game Development gives me so much pleasure as I try to hone experience and capability in all aspects of the delivery pipeline. The trouble is, as everyone knows, brilliance comes with technique and practice. That means you have to make time and space to research, experiment, fail (boy do I fail!) and of course, succeed. There is a wonderful expression (I'll let you Google it) that has stuck with me over the years; "An artist never finishes their work. Instead, they merely abandon it." 

Throughout my career and hobbies, this has been me! I don't know of anything I've done that I consider finished. Everything is a perpetual work in progress for me. Sure they are often dubbed "finished" to those that observe and experience what I produce, but for me, there is always something extra I wish I had done. Those gaps driving the next iteration, the next inspiration, the next game! ;-) 
As a creative soul at heart, I've abandoned so many projects over the years. Some finished, some not. But all of them started as an inspiration and passion for me. The passion spills over on others as well. When I've shared the latest iteration with friends and strangers, feedback has been positive with somewhat predictable questions and comments:
"When's it out?" 
"That's amazing! How long have you been working on that?" 
"You're wasted here!"

(Drum roll)

I'm giving up the executive day job to make that time and space! Yep, this is it, folks, I've resigned my current position to make way for a concerted effort at turning my creative passions into something real and (dare I say) "Finished". Who knows where this will end, but I've got the stability and resources to give this a darn good go over the coming years. So "Duckocide Games" is born. OK, ok, I've got a significant notice period to work through, but early in 2019, I will be free to put all my creative thoughts and energies into the endeavour - I can't wait!  

So to close, this site will grow with content, news, and progress towards this goal. First off the bat as an arcade style FPS currently called "Vindex". This is going to be my focus as I move into 2019. I'm using it to get plugged into the marketing and distribution side of indie game development - The "canary in the mine" so to speak. It will be interesting to learn the in's and out's.
No blog can finish without a link or two. Among the many conversations with friends and family, this video went some way in helping me make this decision. Inspirational to see someone take the indie game development career choice with so much apparently at risk (in life) - I "doff my cap" to Jake Birkett and hope to meet him someday.

Jake's Video on his personal challenges and success as an indie game dev (right). 

Jake on Twitter

Andy Gisby (aka Duckocide)